How to make precision meat cuts                                                           

How to make precision meat cuts

If cooking is not just your hobby but you like making all your meals perfect, you need the right tools for it. When it comes to steaks, salads, or other gourmet preparations, it is crucial to make the cuts precise to enhance the flavor. To satisfy your taste buds with the rich flavor of premium quality meat, you need the best meat cleaver for cutting bone in your kitchen. By using such tools, you will be able to make meat dishes at home that can rival the best steakhouses. 

What does a meat cleaver add to the kitchen?

A meat cleaver's wide and sharp blade edge allows you to cut meat pieces evenly through the bone. If you wish to prepare the meal from scratch, you can also buy unskinned meat because the cleaver can smoothly remove all extra fat and skin portions. The blade is designed so that you can slice through thick meat and bone structures without exerting too much pressure and weight. Once you learn how to use it deftly, you will find it easier and more affordable to purchase meat in greater quantities and chop it up according to your needs. 

Some other uses you can get out of a meat cleaver include:

  • You will be surprised to know that a meat cleaver can serve as an excellent vegetable chopper. It helps you get through larger quantities in a very short time, and you can make the cuts as small as you like. A meat cleaver chops cleanly and precisely, so you can also use it on multiple vegetable items at once to maintain uniformity.
  • A meat cleaver comes very handy in scooping out the chopped pieces into a bowl or cooking utensil. Sometimes cooking can be a very messy business, and you may not find extra gloves to handle the freshly cut vegetables or meat. Simply scooping the pieces along the tabletop through the length of the blade can get the job done smoothly without disturbing the integrity of the meat.
  • You can also smash other ingredients using a meat cleaver. If you are in sudden need of an extra clove of garlic or a piece of uncut ginger, you can simply use the broad and sharp base of the meat cleaver to smash it finely. In fact, crushing it evenly instead of cutting it up can provide a better taste.
  • Because of the sharpness and good grip, using a meat cleaver is safer than using smaller knives. If you regularly maintain the blade and sharpen it whenever necessary, you will find that using a meat cleaver helps you cook faster and more flavorful dishes. If your ingredients are fresh, a meat cleaver will only accentuate the taste. 

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