Which is a Better Kitchen Storage Container - Glass, Steel, or Plastic                                                           

Which is a Better Kitchen Storage Container – Glass, Steel, or Plastic?

Kitchen Storage Container

When storing non-perishable food products in your kitchen cabinet, do you think about what’s the best way to store them? People often consider glass, plastic, steel containers, or all three for different food products. 

Most people think that jams or pickles containing more oil or fluid are best stored in glass canisters. At the same time, steel containers can store other items, both dry and wet alike. 

While storage containers are entirely your choice, it would be nice to know more about them. So, let us take you through each of them to understand what suits your kitchen.  

Plastic-free containers versus plastic containers

Have a look at our glass food storage containers, and you’ll know why they are one of our most sold items. To begin with, glass canisters are multi-purpose and high-quality food storage containers. They feature a bamboo lid with a silicone ring, harmless to food and humans. The silicone ring also helps maintain the freshness of the food. 

Unlike their plastic counterparts, glass containers do not stain easily. They are air-tight containers and can be used to store pasta, grain, cereals, etc. You can store a bunch of other items as well, including your arts and craft materials, buttons, beads, cotton balls, Q-tips, and so on.  

Are you looking for containers to store dog or cat food? These are suitable containers for you! 

What about steel containers?

Steel containers are incredibly lightweight, making it easier to take them with you while traveling. They are durable, leak-proof, and long-lasting, but they are non-microwavable, unlike glass containers.  

Glass containers, if not handled properly, can break easily. So, people with butterfingers may have to take extra care while handling them. 

What about plastic food storage containers?

As you must know, plastic food storage containers are easier to produce. They are made out of various materials, rendering them lighter than glass or steel. Plastic can also be easily molded into a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Plastic favors those who want to save money on shipping costs as they are easier to produce and transport to your destination.  

Remember that glass products are made from accessible and eco-friendly raw materials. Therefore, they are considered less harmful to the environment. That is also why glasses are non-toxic, can withstand high temperatures, have a long lifespan, and are recyclable. 

Why you may consider choosing glass canisters over others

The quality of glass is higher compared to the plastic container as they are non-penetrable. Plastic, on the other hand, can be porous, allowing air to enter the container and eventually deteriorate the food stored. 

Also, the glass rim on glass containers enables a more secure seal with the lid and the liner when closed. Therefore, storing spices or other food items in glass canisters can prove a better choice. You have only to be careful about not placing glass canisters precariously but safely in cabinets where they are out of the reach of children or are less likely to break.


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