Cutlery Sets

Are you looking for stylish and elegant cutlery sets that will enhance the appearance of your dinner table? Are you planning an elegant dinner or an important event or do you just want something for everyday use?  Cutlery sets are an important part of any kitchen. A good cutlery set will enhance your whole dining experience. Whether you are celebrating an event or cooking food for your family, the best stainless steel cutlery sets must be available in your kitchenware. Your kitchenware will remain incomplete until you have top-notch utensils.  You have come to the right place. At Sokopm we have the best cutlery sets online at great affordable prices.  As we all know, Cutlery sets are an important part of any kitchen.  At Sokopm we understand how important the right cutlery set can be and we are going to help you in choosing the best cutlery sets online. We also understand that having to buy cutlery sets online can be a little daunting, given the different and massive amounts of cutlery sets available for purchase online. We are here to guide you and help you buy the best stainless steel cutlery sets online. You will discover that high-quality cutlery sets can be unexpectedly affordable if you know where to buy the best stainless steel cutlery sets online.

In this guide, we are going to talk about the different types of cutlery and different types of stainless steel from which stainless steel cutlery sets are crafted.

What is a Cutlery Set?

A cutlery set is usually a collection of various types of spoons, forks, and knives. Cutlery sets are used in different ways: for making, serving, or eating food. It is often called Silverware or Flatware.

Different types of spoons and knives

There are various kinds of spoons and knives that are used for different purposes and these can be bought online. Each spoon or fork has its own specific purpose depending on the type of food to be served. The forks often go with spoons or are used separately to pick food chunks. The knives help in slicing the food.

Dinner Spoon/Table Spoon: It comes with an elongated round shape. A dinner spoon is used to eat the main dish of a meal. It helps in picking up food (rice, stew, or curry) from your plate. It is often paired with a fork of a similar length and sometimes with a dessert knife.

Dessert Spoon, Knife, and Fork: These are generally smaller in size than the main course utensils and are used for serving delicious desserts.

Soup Spoon: It also has a round cup shape, larger than that of the tablespoon but has the same length as a dinner spoon.

Tea Spoons: These are slightly smaller than the dessert-spoon in both length and size of the cup. The major purpose of these spoons is to stir tea and coffee.

Sugar Spoon: It has a round cup and looks like a flower. For scooping sugar from the sugar bowl.

Ice-Cream Spoon: Helpful in scooping frozen ice cream. It is available in different sizes (small, medium, and large) 

Cocktail Spoon: It is commonly known as a drink spoon, comes with a long handle that can reach the bottom of a large glass.

Butter knife: It has a short square-shaped blade that is sharp at the lower side in order to make an edge. It helps in cutting small portions of butter and spreading the butter onto slices of bread.

Salad Spoon:  This spoon is used to mix and serve salads.

Serving Spoon: This spoon comes in a large round cup shape that is used to serve such foods as  rice and stew.

Dinner knife: The size of a dinner knife is usually between 9 and 10 inches. It helps to push and cut food. It can serve as an alternative to a salad knife if a salad knife is not available.

Steak knife: A steak knife can be used instead of a dinner knife. It serves the same purpose as a dinner knife. It has a saw-like edge which is perfect for cutting steak. Its length is between four to six inches.

Fish knife: The fish knife is used to serve fish for dinner. It measures 8 ¾ inches long with a large blade and blunt edge. The fish knife tip helps to separate the different layers of fish and take out the bones.

Fruit knife: It is long between 6 ½ and 7 ¼ inches; it has a pointed tip. The blade can be notched or a little curvy. It aids in cutting and peeling desired fruits.

How to select and buy the best Cutlery sets online

Many cutlery sets are available online but you have to look for the best cutlery sets online to buy by doing a little shopping around. Everyone wants to show off their perfect style and taste during those elegant dinner parties, so having boring cutlery sets should be a no-no. You need to be diligent when you are shopping around to make sure you not only get the best price but also the best cutlery sets online. Soon you will be an expert on cutlery sets and how to buy cutlery sets online.

Types of Cutlery sets

Cutlery sets come in different types of materials such as Metal, plastic, wood, and edible materials. Plastic cutlery is produced mainly as a disposable product and is often used outdoors for camping, day trips, and barbecues, or get-togethers. It is also mainly used by fast food outlets and airlines for serving food. Plastic cutlery may be convenient but it is bad for the environment as it can not be recycled easily. 

Bamboo cutlery is made from wood and it is popular because of its biodegradable properties. The most popular wooden cutlery is made of Bamboo and maple.

Edible cutlery sets-The most interesting type of cutlery is edible cutlery which is usually made of dried grains, rice, millet, or wheat. Edible cutlery can be a fun and sustainable way of eating things like ice cream or drinking milk with an edible straw.

Stainless steel cutlery sets-Stainless steel cutlery sets have proven to be a more popular choice because they are durable and at the same time they are available at all prices from affordable to expensive depending on factors like the quality of material used and the brand name behind those stainless steel cutlery sets.

Different types of stainless steel cutlery sets are available for purchase online but caution should be taken when choosing the best cutlery sets online. There are some great-looking cutlery sets on the market that can be devious. But don’t get fooled, their cheap quality will quickly be exposed as they will start to rust in no time.

Similarly, be careful before spending a huge amount on any brand where they provide cheap quality under the brand name tags. 

Stainless steel Flatware and its composition

There are three main types of stainless steel flatware available for purchase on the market with a blend of different metals, different grades, and conformational ranges. The commonly known grades are 18/0, 18/8, and 18/10. 

These numbers represent the composition of the main metals that were used in the manufacturing process (chromium and nickel) in each kind of stainless steel cutlery. Both metals help to add high potency to the steel; on the other hand, nickel also improves the corrosion resistance of steel. 


18/0 cutlery sets - these have 18% chromium that is present and the 0 means there is no nickel present.  Chromium is responsible for giving cutlery sets their toughness and durability while Nickel gives the cutlery sets a high sheen which protects against rust and corrosion. 18/0 cutlery sets are durable and perfect for such places as restaurants or everyday use at home.

18/8 cutlery sets- these 18% chromium and 8% nickel. A greater amount of nickel also means greater shine.

18/10 stainless steel cutlery sets - these have 18% chromium and 10% nickel. This kind of stainless steel is very durable and has a high polish. It is also very resistant to rust and corrosion. This can be your special cutlery set that you keep for those special occasions.

Remember this, when you buy stainless steel cutlery sets online you need to pay attention to the metal composition of the stainless steel cutlery sets. If you are on a budget, 18/0 cutlery sets will be your best choice. However, if your budget is not tight the best stainless steel cutlery sets to buy will be 18/10.  18/8 is still a very good choice as it is also one of the best stainless steel sets out there. 

Different Types of Polishes

 Generally, two types of finishes for stainless cutlery sets are available on the market. The first one is the mirror finish and the second one is the satin finish. A satin finish is more casual in appearance and this finish is less likely to show fingerprints. Stainless steel cutlery sets with a mirror finish have more shine and a more formal look which is great for dinner parties.

Maintenance and Caring For Your Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets

With time your stainless steel cutlery sets may lose their luster and shine making them less appealing to you or your dinner guests. You always want to be a proud host which is why it is very important for you to properly care for and maintain your stainless steel cutlery sets. Don’t disappoint your guests as no one wants to eat their food with stained cutlery sets.

Tips for making your stainless steel cutlery sets last longer

Try to remove all leftover food from your stainless steel cutlery sets as soon as possible.

Hold and place properly. If you want to wash your stainless steel cutlery sets in one place, separate the sharp flatware from all the other flatware. That way you don’t get cut and avoid scratching other flatware.

It is advisable to wash your cutlery sets by hand the first few times in order to condition them. Don’t forget to wash your stainless steel cutlery sets with hot water and soap before their first use to remove any dust, dirt, or bacteria that may have accumulated before you bought them.

If you must use the dishwasher to wash your stainless steel cutlery sets try not to use harsh detergents.

How to treat and clean stained cutlery sets?

Using baking soda -  Sometimes baking soda and dish cleaning liquid are all you need to get rid of any stubborn stains. A baking soda and dish cleaning paste is an excellent and affordable way to bring back that luster and shine which can be lost over time. Gently scrubbing with this paste will help remove any stubborn stains and your stainless steel cutlery sets will be looking like new in no time. 

Using Vinegar-Another great way to clean stained cutlery sets is to use vinegar. Simply dampen a piece of cloth with vinegar and use it to wipe your flatware sets.

Olive oil -can also be used to bring back that shine by applying it to a cloth and then wiping your cutlery sets using this cloth. 

In Summary

Remember handwashing your flatware sets is the best care you could ever give them ensuring a longer life. Before placing your flatware sets in the dishware be sure to rinse them in the sink to remove any excess food as this food is responsible for any discolorations or stains that will appear on your cutlery sets. Hand washing by hot water is the best way to make sure your stainless steel cutlery sets keep their shine for a long time. Immediately after hand washing or dishwashing, your stainless steel cutlery sets you to need to dry them with a cloth. Avoid soaking your cutlery sets for a long time as this encourages rusting and corrosion. You should also avoid pouring dish cleaning liquid directly onto your cutlery sets. 

Now go ahead and buy stainless cutlery sets online at Sokopm