Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to find a woman that doesn’t own at least one handbag. Not only are they handy to store personal items on the go, but they have also taken on an arguably more important role—a statement piece that pulls together your entire outfit.  

Perhaps one of the most versatile types of bags out there are leather handbags for women. There’s just something about a shiny brown leather handbag that just screams sophistication and chic fashion. 

However, as we’ve become more aware of the reality of how leather is made, many people find themselves apprehensive about purchasing real leather. If this sounds like you, Our  vegan leather handbags are the solution to your problem! 

What is Vegan Leather? 

Due to the exponential rise of veganism during the last decade, many fashion powerhouses have begun experimenting with new ways to produce leather using vegan materials. Most commonly, the material is made using polyurethane but can also be made using materials such as waxed cotton, cactus, mushrooms, tree bark, and even the skins of apples and oranges.

Vegan leather has quickly risen to popularity with prolific fashion designers such as Stella McCartney and Angela Roi making vegan leather accessible. Even Tesla, the world’s leading electrical vehicle and clean energy company recently announced that the new models will incorporate a vegan leather option for its interior as well. 

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Vegan Leather vs Real Leather

Genuine  leather is made using creature hides. Genuine vegan leather can be made employing a variety of non-animal materials. These materials can either be manufactured or found in nature. In terms of the look and feel of the product, it truly depends on the vegan leather fabric you purchase. But a few materials such as mushroom, pinatex, and pineapple can feel like genuine vegan leather. You'll hardly be able to tell any major differences (apart from the smell!). The strength of the vegan leather handbags you buy depends  on the fabric you buy. Mushroom vegan leather is considered to be exceptionally strong, while PVC ordinarily incorporates a shorter life. 

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Benefits of Vegan Leather Handbags for Women 

Apart from being non-harmful to animals, buying vegan leather has some surprising upsides. These leather handbags for women are waterproof, cost-effective, and are produced through non-harmful tanning processes. 


 If you adore real leather, you know that water is extremely detrimental to the structural integrity of leather items. In this case, genuine vegan leather has no such drawbacks. It's for the most part water safe and is able to hold its structural quality over long periods of time, with little to no wear and tear. This is a great quality to have in a vegan leather handbag— you don’t have to worry about ruining your bag while walking out in the rain!

Cost-Effective Alternative

 While they are considered a fashion necessity, buying real leather handbags for women can leave a huge dent in your finances! Beyond any doubt, they are solid and a la mode, but they do spread the budget thin. Going for vegan leather instead of real leather, you get the same chic look at a fraction of the cost. What more can we ask for? 

More Variety & Colors

Due to the broad tanning process of animal leather, testing with vibrant and different colors and textures gets to be challenging. However, working with vegan leather handbags is rarely an issue. You quickly find that vegan leather is a lot more malleable than real leather. You'll easily come up with distinctive surfaces and interesting colors to suit your fashion tastes. This means a lot more exciting designs when it comes to finding you the best leather handbags for women!

Non Harmful Tanning Process

 We know that vegan leather incorporates no animal skin making it a cruelty-free fabric.

It takes about thirty days for the Vegetable -tanned leather to be ready, this makes this method the longest of all the methods of tanning that are available. This vegetable tanning method uses plant based materials like tree branches, fruits and oak bark. The water used in the tanning process is discharged into rivers , however, there are fewer or no consequences to the environment which is very important. Another advantage of this tanning process is the use of plant powder which is not harmful to workers.

Things to Consider Before Buying Luxury Vegan Leather Handbags

Size of Your Leather Handbag

 The estimated size of a vegan leather handbag plays a crucial part in how it'll look on you plus how helpful it'll be in storing your essentials on the go. Note that a little vegan leather handbag can make a petite woman appear plump whereas an enormous handbag can make you look slimmer.  Moreover, affordable leather handbags for women that are too small will be insufficient to keep your things, whereas handbags that are much too big will make it challenging to organize things in them. Thus, balance is key. It is important  that you carefully select the vegan leather handbag that suits you in terms of functionality and looks.

Structure of the Handbag 

A premium vegan leather handbag ought to have an amazing structural integrity. Make sure you consider a handbag that can effortlessly bolster its weight. We suggest checking the overall structure, the internal line, and the design fastens of the seams among others. It ought to be safely made and not lose its form after you’ve used it for a while. The leather handbags for women that we sell at MySokoHome are beautifully crafted and are meant to last a long while. 

The Genuity of the Handbag

 The Genuity of the bag is maybe the foremost critical thing to look out for when you decide to purchase a vegan leather handbag. Loads of impersonation handbags have flooded the fashion market under the guise of being 100% real and original. In this manner, you must be well-acquainted with signs that will separate between an original vegan leather handbag/ handbag and a copy. This way, you can recognize scams in the market when you’re buying your vegan leather handbag. 

Plan and Style

What event do you like the handbag for? What outfit are you planning to wear with the leather handbag you are choosing? When you select any vegan leather handbag, the general look is actually quite important to help the bag create a stylish outfit. It is the elegance of style that will make it stand out.


This is another significant factor to consider because it decides the quality of leather handbags that you can get. In case you're looking to acquire any of the popular, high-end handbags, at that point be prepared to part with thousands of dollars. However, in case you're on a tight budget, or just not looking to spend so much, but still longing for quality  vegan leather handbags, you can select from our collection of  the best, high-quality leather handbags for women the market has to offer. 

Tips on Maintaining Leather Handbags for Women 

There has been a lot of speculation on how long these leather handbags are able to last. Contrary to popular belief, extraordinary quality vegan leather handbags can hold their shape for a very long time given that you provide them the care and upkeep they require. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth keeps the vegan leather  handbags in a perfect condition. Additionally, you must protect your handbag  from excessive wetness which can cause the skin to swell and this is not good as it will weaken as time goes by. You may also regularly have to condition the vegan leather handbags to guarantee that the material doesn’t lose its elasticity and durability over time. Below are a few in-depth ways you can take care of your luxury vegan leather handbags.

Vegan leather handbags do not require any special care or maintenance. They are pretty much low maintenance which is another added advantage. For a lot of vegan leather handbags, applying a cream or wax may be a great idea, because it provides a level of security to the bag’s exterior, protects against shallow scratches, and friction marks. Choose a cream that contains normal waxes: they give an expensive finish to your leather handbags and double up as prevention against soil and dampness. 

A conventionally tried and true rule when considering caring for any of your vegan leather items i.e. handbags, wallets, or even shoes; reapply cream or oil at customary intervals, or as required.

– How to clean: The most common practice is pretty straightforward: clear up dirt buildup by cleaning down with a cleaner made expressly for the type of vegan leather being taken care of. Don’t disregard any metal buttons or clasps. A number of handbags have important metal-plated clasps or chains.  Get a delicate, dry fabric and run it over your vegan leather handbag— this won’t take more than a few minutes in any case and will go miles towards sparing the appearance of your vegan leather.

– How To Condition: Consider the conditioner as a moisturizer for your vegan leather, which will dry up after a little while. To thwart chipping and wrinkling, add a few drops of conditioner on a delicate fabric and rub gently all over. Condition vegan leather handbags each month or so to keep your vegan leather looking it’s sparkly best. 

How To Store Your Vegan Leather Bags

It is recommended to keep your handbag stuffed with butter paper to help maintain its shape. Try to refrain from using materials such as newspapers as  the interior of the handbag may be ruined by  the ink . 

Fill, and put away your handbags once you go away on vacation or when you are not going to be using them for an extended period of time. Essentially allow it a little time off, having it treated with a conditioning cream and stowing it away safely until the next time you need to use it. To protect the interior of your bag, store your beauty products in a vanity bag, just in case something spills and messes up the interior of your handbag.

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